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The Efficient Way to Measure English Language Proficiency

Customized Assessment Solutions ELPA21 measures student English proficiency in four language domains: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Standards-Based, But Flexible

First and foremost, the ELPA21 platform was created to measure 10 essential—and specific—English Language Proficiency (ELP) standards developed by researchers, educators, and language experts. The platform fully complies with the needs of clients at the state level to measure a set of proficiency standards that correspond to College and Career Readiness Standards for English language arts, math, and science. Second, the various clients we serve also require classroom, school, and district-level customization. ELPA21 provides customizable solutions while fulfilling student assessment reporting requirements. Examples of customizations include:

  • Student reporting processes and designs
  • Testing dates
  • The name of the assessment


ELPA21 offers both a screener for newly-arrived students and an annual summative assessment for identified English learners.

  • Screener—Screener assessments are given to students entering a school system to determine if they need English language services. If the results indicate the student is not yet proficient in English, the levels of services they need are identified.
  • Summative— Summative assessments are administered annually. The first year of the summative assessment identifies the student’s baseline and consecutive years monitor and measure their progress in English language proficiency.

Both the screener and summative assessments are available for:

  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1
  • Grades 2 and 3
  • Grades 4 and 5
  • Grades 6 through 8
  • Grades 9 through 12


Students are assigned to performance levels (1-5) in each language domain. An overall proficiency determination is made on the basis of the profile of domain levels:

  • Proficient—Student is level 4 or 5 in all nonexempt domains.
  • Progressing—Student has at least one domain below level 4 and at least one domain above level 2.
  • Emerging—Student is level 1 or 2 in all nonexempt domains.

Vendors handle the scoring and reporting, easing the burden on clients.

Centralized test delivery services

ELPA21 offers two levels of test delivery:

1) Comprehensive

Comprehensive test delivery is an outsourced model that delivers the full benefits of the ELPA21 assessment system and reduces your administrative burden with centralized procurement, contracting, and management of test delivery services. Your return on investment is maximized via a managed, single-vendor contract.

2) Basic

Basic test delivery services include core test administration services and administrative support for activities related to accounts payable/receivable, human resources, grant management, legal services, IT support, communications, and procurement services. You receive integration support with your vendor at no additional charge.


ELPA21 assessment systems are portable to most commercial test delivery platforms and reporting systems. If you contract with a long-term test delivery vendor, our assessments can be easily incorporated into your testing platform and accessible through a single portal for centralized data management.

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