Our Values

Proficiency unlocks potential

ELPA21 values the growth and development of English language students and what those students bring to the school and classroom.

Core Values Define Our Vision

In the United States and beyond, achieving proficiency in the English language unlocks students’ potential. ELPA21 is committed to helping students master the English skills needed to succeed in their academic career and beyond.

A set of core values defines our vision and drives the development and delivery of our assessment services.

  • English learners have the same potential as non-English learners. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences are valuable resources for classroom learning.
  • ELs must acquire English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills to collaborate with their peers, including native English speakers, and learn grade-appropriate tasks.
  • All ELs are capable of making progress toward English language proficiency.

A commitment to innovation

Every item in the ELPA21 item bank has been developed by classroom experts incorporating cutting-edge research and methodology. ELPA21 is focused on capitalizing on innovative technologies to assess English language proficiency accurately and consistently across all types of English learners from emerging to almost proficient.

Clients report administration efficiencies resulting in

  • Reduced test times
  • Reduced costs
  • Higher student engagement
  • Improved ease of administration

Fairness and inclusivity

ELPA21 aims to exceed industry standards for interoperability, accessibility, and reliability.

ELPA21 is focused on

  • Aligning the assessment system to the ELP standards
  • Ensuring the fairness of test items for all students
  • Ensuring reliable scoring
  • Validating score interpretations

ELPA21 assessments are designed to be accessible to everyone.

From the beginning, ELPA21 has incorporated thoughtful accessibility tools and accommodations for those with disabilities and documented access needs.

ELPA21’s accessibility and accommodations work includes

  • Educator guidance
  • Incorporation of the federal government’s EL definition
  • Research on accessibility and accommodation tools and supports
  • Reviews of platform accessibility
  • Integration of accessibility features into test and item design
  • Examination of policies and practices used by states and large-scale assessment consortia
  • Recommendations and implementation of accessibility features and accommodations
  • ELPA21 Accessibility and Accommodations Manual for School Year 2021-2022

Organization values

Our performance expectations shall be highly accurate. Once students are deemed proficient and exit from EL services, they are able to keep up with their peers and meet or exceed rigorous college- and career-ready standards.

Educator involvement
We listen to educators, rely on their expertise and experience with students, and value their input. We work with our educators to create and review test items, conduct post-field test reviews, and incorporate their expert judgement via standard setting and other panels.

Student engagement
ELPA21 test items replicate “real world” academic and social settings, allowing students to demonstrate their ELP in familiar and engaging environments. Our test administrators tell us students say, “That was fun.” and “Can I play again?”

ELPA21 is informed and led by the needs and vision of the clients who use our assessment system. They maintain an active role in design, policy, and implementation decisions.