Your Next Generation Assessment System

ELPA21 offers a suite of innovative and flexible English language proficiency assessments and tools that incorporate the latest understanding of language development to support students and educators.

Groundbreaking research and psychometrics, along with ongoing improvements, ensure the system meets state priorities, peer review requirements, and the needs of English learners.

Dynamic Screener

Identify English Learners

The Dynamic Screener is used to determine whether students entering school would benefit from English language services. If the screener results indicate the student is not yet proficient in English, the student will be classified as an English learner and qualify for additional language acquisition support. For additional information on the screener, click here.


Pinpoint Proficiency

Are you looking for a comprehensive assessment system that goes beyond accountability and supports educators’ understanding of student growth? Administration is easy, items are highly accessible, and the results provide meaningful information that benefits both educators and the families of English learners. For more information on the ELPA21 Summative, click here.


Empower All

The Alt ELPA is a standards-aligned alternate ELP assessment designed specifically for English learners with the most significant cognitive disabilities and the communities and schools that support them. For additional information on the Alt ELPA, click here.