Differentiating Instruction for English/Multilingual Learners

Group 5370

Workshop Overview

The differentiating instruction workshops answer the question: “How do I plan instruction for the varying ELP levels in my classroom?” These full day workshops provide a framework for planning, delivering, and evaluating classroom instruction based on students’ diverse ELP levels. They offer a way to differentiate instruction to ensure all students receive appropriate support, regardless of their English proficiency. At the end of the Differentiating Instruction workshops, participants will:

  • Become familiar with research on differentiated instruction and academic English language
  • Integrate differentiated instruction and academic English language into classroom instruction and assessment.
  • Define academic English language, distinguish academic content, and use tools and strategies to teach English learners at different proficiency levels.

To register for the Differentiating Instruction for English/Multilingual Learners Level 1 or Level 2 workshop, contact info.shop@nabe.org.



“I attended the Differentiating Instruction [workshops] and have used the handouts to not only determine [student] differences but also to determine how to differentiate instruction.” – English as a Second Language Teacher, Iowa

“I attended several virtual training sessions on differentiating instruction and found them useful. [The sessions] provided handouts that could be used during campus professional development to help teachers in their work with English Learners.” – English Learner Consultant, Arkansas 

“[The] classroom strategies were very helpful, specifically pointing out which methods provided the most scaffolding and help to ELs.” – English Learner Development Program Specialist, Arkansas

Group 5370