ELPA21 is proud to offer the following instructional tools created by our colleagues at UCLA CRESST. These assets are meant to aid both EL educators and content-area teachers in their practice and enable them to more effectively differentiate instruction for English and multilingual learners.


Differentiating Instruction for EL/MLs Flipbook

The Differentiating Instruction for EL/MLs Flipbook is an evergreen resource containing eight high-leverage strategies scaffolded for low, medium, and high language proficiency levels that are designed for immediate application. It also includes access to a free digital download for refillable strategy templates.

Educators will gain access to strategies modeled through a variety of targeted language skills, content area examples, design variations, and assessment considerations.

Flipbook Graphic

Formative Assessment Foldable

The Formative Assessment Foldable is a practical resource that offers formative assessment strategies throughout a formative assessment cycle. This resource demonstrates the critical components of formative assessment and ideas for implementation for EL/ML students at a variety of proficiency levels.

Foldable Graphic

Differentiating for English/Multilingual Learners Poster

The Differentiating for English/Multilingual Learners Poster helps identify student performance in all four language domains and provides strategies for scaffolding instruction and scaffolding assessment, meeting EL/ML learners where they are, and strategically moving them towards full language proficiency.


English/Multilingual Learner Toolkit, Newcomer Supplement

Designed for teachers with English and Multilingual learners who are classified as newcomers, the English/Multilingual Learner Toolkit, Newcomer Supplement supports high-quality, data-informed instruction and assessment. This supplement is focused on newcomers and is meant to enhance the information provided in the EL/ML Educator Toolkit 1.0.

Newcomer Supplement

English/Multilingual Learner Educator Toolkit

The English/Multilingual Learner Educator Toolkit is a foundational resource designed to address a variety of EL/ML challenges in language and content area classroom settings. The resources included in this digital download support high-quality, data-informed instruction and assessment for EL/ML students.

EL-ML Toolkit

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